Summer 2014 Projects

The Summer of 2014 we are planning to build a four unit apartment building.  We need carpenters, roofers, painters, flooring installers, plumbers and electricians.  Get your work team of any size ready to travel to Nome for a fruitful time.  We will have an on-site project coordinator to see the project through to completion.  Once the structure has been enclosed, we hope to continue working regardless of the weather.  Check the home page of this site for a listing of work teams and their dates to assist in your scheduling.  The barge containing all of the construction materials should arrive in Nome on June 10th.

Other Projects needing your help:

Main Studio Building: Includes three studios and three apartments
Studio Building
1. Re-roof
Apartment #1
1. Remodel bathroom
2. Replace kitchen cabinets
3. Paint and re-carpet
Apartment #2
1. Remodel bathroom.
2. Replace kitchen cabinets
3. New flooring & carpet
Apartment #3
1. Replace carpet

Yellow House: Four Bedroom residence. 
1. Drywall/paint/carpet upstairs and down the steps
2. Make second bedroom downstairs into a large bathroom
3. Remodel kitchen
4. New carpet
5. New kitchen floor
6. Re-side the remaining three sides with T-1-11 and paint.
7. Replace windows as you re-side.

Transmitter Site
1.  Silver solder 240 ground radials at West Tower.
2.  Level ATU at Center Tower.
3. Level Transmitter Building.