Ian Ian Coglan – Up & At ‘Em Host

email: office@kicy.org

ludaweb Luda Kinok – Russian Programming

email: kinok77@gmail.com

 Josie01 Josie Stiles-SingSpiration Time & The Top Nine at Nine

e-mail:  office@kicy.org

candace Candace Weidler – PSA Director

e-mail: office@kicy.org

frances Frances Whitmore – Commercial Traffic & Accounts Receivable

email: office@kicy.org

Lon Swanson Lon Swanson – Host of The Breakfast Club

email: office@kicy.org

GeorgeBard George Bard – FM Programming

email: office@kicy.org

Rolland Rolland Trowbridge – Sundays

email: office@kicy.org

Dennis Dennis Weidler – General Manager

email: dennisw@kicy.org

 DrPhilfieldday Dr. Phil Schobert – Bible Trivia & Evening FM Host

email: dochiro@gmail.com

 Emily01  Emily Kennedy-Office Coordinator

email:  office@kicy.org