Spreading the Gospel to Western Alaska and the Russian Far East.

100% Sunday planned for October 23rd.

100logoThe letters to each church are being addressed.  The video is posted on this web site.  The e-mail addresses of every Covenant Pastor are being updated.  The bulletin inserts are posted on line.

Is your church ready to partner with KICY for 100% Sunday?  It is SO easy and takes virtually no time away from your Sunday morning worship service.  All you have to do is announce it is 100% Sunday and ask each person to contribute a dollar into the plate or box or salad bowl as they are dismissed from the service.  Just a dollar.  What we do ask is that every Covenant Church participate.  That’s where 100% comes in…100% of all Covenant Churches partnering to support your international mission radio stations located in Nome, Alaska.  Thanks.  And God bless you all.

The Tower Project UPDATE.

Broken brace at 252' levelTwo of our broadcast towers require repair.

The Center and East Towers are made of hollow tubes bolted together.  Unfortunately, water can get inside the tubes, expand when frozen, and burst the pipes, undermining their structural integrity.  (see the photo in the upper left)  We have begun a fundraising campaign to replace the braces of both towers.  We have found a source for replacements which are solid, galvanized steel, painted in the FAA colors at the factory.  This will save over $40,000 from the cost of replacing the existing towers and they will NOT have to be taken down.  Praise God for this amazing revelation.


Donate On-Line

donate here Use this button to donate by credit card, debit card or e-check.  This is a secure site provided by the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Click on the links to hear what our listeners tell us about KICY.

A Unalakleet listener.

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A Marshall listener.

Watch a Russian listener share her thoughts about KICY.

Meet Klava.

Watch the 2:47 Video “This is KICY”.

This is KICY.

Watch the 4:00 Video “50 Years of Miracles”.

50 Years Of Miracles.

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Our Mission to the Russian Far East.

This is an image showing the rough approximation of our signal into the Russian Far East. The Pastor in Provideniya receives many calls about the positive impact KICY is having on their lives. God’s Word prevails.

Salmon Fundraising Dinners

Circa Midwinter 2017 Tour – Midwinter January 30 to February 3, Louisville, Kentucky

Saturday, January 28, 2017 – Salem Covenant, Oakland, Nebraska

Sunday, January 29th, 2017 – Christ Community Covenant Church, Owatonna, Minnesota

The Fall 2017 Tour

Saturday, October 7, 2017 – Kalamazoo Covenant Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan




Contact KICY General Manager, Dennis Weidler to schedule your church’s Salmon Fundraising Dinner and help build a more reliable KICY AM-850 & ICY 100.3 FM.