Work Team Projects

2016 Projects

(1) Painting the rest of the exterior of the Triplex. Only two sides were finished this summer.
(2) Installing and painting the skirting for the Triplex.
(3) Finishing the 7 storage areas in the Triplex. This may involve some framing as well as hanging, taping and mudding sheetrock and installing and trimming doors.
(4) Painting the south side of the Studio Building.
(5) Finish painting the south side of the Yellow House.
(6) Painting the trim on the transmitter site buildings.
(7) Repainting the building signage at the transmitter site.
(8) Recarpeting the three staff apartments with glue-down carpet tiles.
(9) Painting the floors of the transmitter and phasor buildings.
(10) Building two shipping crates on pallets.

Technical Work
(1)  Silver solder 240 ground radials to new ground screen at West Tower.