At KICY, we’ve been broadcasting into Russia since 1960. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that we realized we were reaching many Russian listeners at 5,000 watts. Today, KICY is the only commercial radio station in the United States licensed by the FCC to broadcast into another country in their language. When the people of western Alaska are sleeping from 11pm to 5am, it’s evening in Chukotka, our nearest neighboring region. It is then, that KICY turns all 50,000 watts westward into this often cold and dark part of the world.

Our broadcasts are hosted by Russian Programmer, Luda Kinok, a native of the Chukotkan village of Sereniki. She brings current news, weather and music to the program, along with a Russian version of the popular program “CareForce”, where Russian pastors from the area pray over the radio.

KICY Audio

Download One of Luda’s songs from a recent recording session.
Luda sings.